CD92007 Audio DIE TOTE STADT 1997 (thrilling performance!!!)

CD92007 Audio DIE TOTE STADT 1997 (thrilling performance!!!)
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CD92007 Audio DIE TOTE STADT 1997 (thrilling performance!!!)

Dear Operalovers, this is a v e r y special performance of one of my favourite pieces: DIE TOTE STADT. This evening is still a real gift of my memories. What is so special? First: in this production, you'll get every note(!), finally no cuts, like it is in common sadly today!

Second: really a great dream cast. In the smaller roles you'll find a superb Pierrot performed by Michael Nelle, who enjoyed every note of his "hit" MEIN SEHNEN", on the other hand you'll get a very characteristic Frank performed by Johann-Werner Prein. And next, here she is, the perfect voice for Marietta! I've listened to so many performances with different casts, but never with such a gorgeous voice like from Sue Patchell. Every note sounds easy, round, white opened and overfloating with overtones! Take a special attention how easy she reached her top-notes in Act3, absolutely amazing! Pure gold :-) At the same level is Paul sung by Hubert Delamboye who give us a totally obsessed reading of this difficult killer-role. He has all notes, the stamina, the ringing and knows exactly, what he sings and uses a great voix-mixte and delivers unbelievable mezza-voce effects. Listen, the mid-part of the famous duett "Glück, das mir verbliebt" or his last high note at the end of the opera. This was pure magic!

Third: the great and much underrated conductor Toshiyuki Kamioka who lived the score. The orchestra of Wiesbaden is more or less at lower class, but here they gave us an incredible reading of the score!

Fourth: it's an excellent digital inhouse recording! So lean back and enjoy this magic evening!

Erich Wolfgang Korngold DIE TOTE STADT Wiesbaden, 29-October-1997, excellent inhouse, 320kbits

Paul: Hubert Delamboye Marietta: Sue Patchell Frank: Johann-Werner Prein Brigitta: Diane Pilcher Pierrot: Michael Nelle Juliette: Annette Luig Lucienne: Julia Olesch Victorin: Scott MacAllister Albert: Karsten Ruß