CD92221 DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, Bayreuth 1991, Barenboim

CD92221 DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, Bayreuth 1991, Barenboim
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CD92221 DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN, Bayreuth 1991, Barenboim

As per a request from Tim a week or so ago, here is Wagner's RING from Bayreuth 1991 as broadcast by WNYC here in New York a few months after the actual performances took place.

These performances were recorded on VHS tape so as to be able to capture them complete and have been transferred at 256, stereo. The performances are absolutely complete and the recordings contain all announcements - save some of the opening announcements which weren't captured complete -, curtain calls, commentary, intermission features - usually just a short interview or two, if that, as these NYC broadcasts took place months after the original Deutsche Welle broadcasts -, station identifications, and NYC weather too!

The sound is quite good, but there is a steady, fairly heavy curtain of hissy static throughout all four broadcasts. I vaguely remember that the setup I was using at the time allowed me to record in crystal clear mono with no noise or stereo with the noise. I opted for the latter and am still glad I did. If anyone wants to remaster these to tame that noise, feel free.

Each opera is one LONG mp3 as that suits me. Feel free too, anyone, to divide or cut or split these up in whatever way suits you.

A request from me, if I may: Does anyone have the 1982 Bayreuth broadcast of PARSIFAL with Peter Hoffmann and Leonie Rysanek under Levine, complete with commentary and curtain calls? There are, or were, a number of copies of this on Operashare over the years but none contained commentary and curtain calls. Hoping...

... and hoping too that everyone enjoys this RING.





July 27 1991

WOTAN John Tomlinson DONNER Bodo Brinkmann FROH Kurt Schreibmayer LOGE Graham Clark FASOLT Matthias Hölle FAFNER Philip Kang ALBERICH Gunther von Kannen MIME Peter Keller FRICKA Linda Finnie FREIA Eva Johansson ERDA Birgitta Svenden


July 28, 1991

SIEGMUND Poul Elming HUNDING Matthias Hölle WOTAN John Tomlinson SIEGLINDE Nadine Secunde BRUNNHILDE Deborah Polaski FRICKA Linda Finnie


July 30, 1991

SIEGFRIED Siegfried Jerusalem MIME Graham Clark THE WANDERER John Tomlinson ALBERICH Günter von Kannen FAFNER Philip Kang BRUNNHILDE Anne Evans ERDA Birgitta Svendén WALDVOGEL Hilde Leidland


Aug 1, 1991

SIEGFRIED Siegfried Jerusalem GUNTHER Bodo Brinkmann HAGEN Manfred Schenk ALBERICH Günter von Kannen BRUNNHILDE Anne Evans GUTRUNE Eva-Maria Bundschuh WALTRAUTE Waltraud Meier

Additional cast info at the beginning and/or end of each act.