CD92236 Radio documentary on Mayr's Demetrio

CD92236 Radio documentary on Mayr's Demetrio
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CD92236 Radio documentary on Mayr's Demetrio

Radio IN from Ingolstadt (Bavaria), 3 July 2011.

This 30-minute German-language documentary follows the Mayr-Gesellschaft's excursion to Moutier (Switzerland) for the modern premiere of Giovanni Simone Mayr's last opera, Demetrio. The program offers a plot outline, some historical notes and references to some of the various problems with the production but consists mainly of interviews with the reactions of the participants. It offers very little to hear of the music of the opera itself.

This international production of Demetrio is supposed to travel around to other cities not only in Switzerland but in Argentina, Poland and the Czech Republic. Let's hope that at least one of those performances gets broadcast or recorded.

Streamed from Archival podcast, recorded in wav and reconverted to its original mono mp3 at 64 kbps -- fine for what is essentially talk.